Boston International Piano Competition

Congratulations Gold Stream  Winners!

      Left to right: Ian Roy, Chuifun Poon, Sean Sutherland, Andy Liao, Ferdy        Talan, and Deirbhile Brennan

      More photos from the final day of the Competition here.

Grand Prize (tie) -  Deirbhile Brennan and 
         Ferdy Talan  

2nd Prize in memory of Robert Fraser - Andy Liao

Due to the tie for First, no Third Prize was awarded

~ ~ ~  

Best Performance of a Baroque work - Reiko Osawa

Best Performance of a Classical work - Jit-Seng Khoo

Best Performance of a Romantic work - Andy Liao

Best Performance of a Modern work - Sean Sutherland

Best Programming - Ian Roy

Audience award - Deirbhile Brennan

Several Performances can be viewed now on
            ~ Deirbhile Brennan
            Andy Liao
            ~ Ian Roy
            ~ Sean Sutherland
            ~ Ferdy Talan