BPAA 2009 Competition
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Tim Adrianson has been a piano enthusiast for most of his life. Originally from Racine, Wisconsin, he obtained an MS in Food Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin. His employment in the food industry ultimately took him to New Jersey, where he joined Nabisco (now Kraft Foods) in 1981, and worked there as a food technologist until his retirement in 2008.  Both in Wisconsin and New Jersey, he established himself as a pianist for community theatre productions and as an accompanist for many vocalists in cabarets, opera productions and recitals. In addition, he has served as church pianist/organist since 1984.

Preliminary Round
Chabrier – Idylle, from Dix Pieces Pittoresques
Roussel – Sonatine, Op. 16

Semifinal Round
De Severac – Baigneuses au Soleil
Lili Boulanger – Trois Morceaux
      D’un Vieux Jardin
      D’un Jardin Clair
Poulenc – Nocturne No. 5
Poulenc – Humoresque

Final Round
Faure – Nocturne, Op. 84
Faure – Impromptu, Op. 36
Ravel – Valses Nobles et Sentimentales
Debussy – Estampes
     Soiree dans Grenade
     Jardins sous la Pluie

Harvey Bellin is a pathologist and department chairman at the Methodist division of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was born in Philadelphia and has studied piano privately and intermittently since childhood. Dr. Bellin has performed with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra while serving a tour with the US Army in Korea, and with the Philadelphia Orchestra as a young competition winner. He played regularly in master classes at
the Dorothy Taubman Institute, held at Amherst and Williams Colleges, and more recently has performed at the Sheila Paige Piano Wellness Seminar held at Gardner-Webb and Louisiana State Universities. His hobbies include fishing, rifle marksmanship, gardening and weight resistance training.

Preliminary Round
Liszt - Gnomenreigen
Rachmaninoff - Etudes Tableaux Op. 39, Nos. 6 & 9

Semifinal Round
Dukas - L’apprenti Sorcier, trans. Michael Gurt

Final Round
Lieberman - Gargoyles
Strauss - Concert Arabesques (Blue Danube), trans. Schulz-Evler

Karmjeet Bindra has been playing the piano since the age of 11. He has a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of the Pacific and earned his Master of Music degree from the University of Oregon. Mr.Bindra has a multiple subject teaching credential from California State University, Sacramento, and has worked as an elementary school teacher for several grade levels. Mr. Bindra has many hobbies including dance, photography, drawing, painting, calligraphy and playing the guitar and drums. He is currently employed as a dance teacher at Florin High School, Sacramento, California.

Preliminary Round
Chopin - Barcarolle, Op. 60
Ravel - Jeux d’eau

Semifinal Round
J.S. Bach - Corrente from Partita in E Minor
Chopin - Ballade No. 4 in F Minor, Op. 52

Final Round
Mozart - Sonata in B-flat Major, K.333, 1st m.
Debussy - “Ce qu'a vu le vent d'ouest” from Preludes, Book 1
Liszt - Consolation No. 3
Schubert - Hungarian Melody in B Minor
Chopin - Scherzo in B Minor, Op. 20

John Blasdale started studying piano at age 8. Beethoven’s famous “Last Three” Sonatas attracted him as a teenager, yet only recently could he develop them together to concert standard and memorize them. He performs as an amateur, and is also developing his compositional talents. After studying Natural Sciences at university, he qualified as a Patent
Agent, working in London, Lucerne and New Jersey. After retiring, he studied towards Christian ministry, becoming ordained last year. At the Colorado Springs Amateur Competition in 2007 he reached the Final Round, where he was given the Best Classical Performance award, for Beethoven’s Sonata op. 110.

Preliminary Round
Beethoven - Sonata in C Minor, Op. 111, 1st m.
Brahms – Intermezzo in E-Flat Minor, Op. 118, No. 6

Semifinal Round
Scriabin - Prelude in C-sharp Minor, Op. 9, No. 1 (for the left hand alone)
Beethoven - Sonata in A-flat Major, Op. 110, 3rd m.

Final Round
Beethoven - Sonata in E Major, Op. 109, 1st & 2nd m.
Schubert - Impromptu in G-flat Major, Op. 90, No. 3
Beethoven - Sonata in C Minor, Op. 111, 2nd m.

Douglas Calegari is an Information Technologist, specializing in Enterprise System Integration, Rule Engines and Internet Software. He is currently Director of Strategic Development at the Travelers Insurance Company and also runs a company that develops software for startup companies. Mr. Calegari comes from a musical family dating back to the 1880’s when his great-great-grandfather led an orchestra in the Lago di Como region of Italy. After 10 years of focusing on his family and career, Mr. Calegari began studying piano again with Meehyn Ahn, a former protégé of Lazar Berman. His other interests are oenology,gardening and cooking.

Preliminary Round
J.S. Bach - Fantasie and Fugue in A Minor, BWV 944
Debussy - L'Isle joyeuse

Semifinal Round
Beethoven - Sonata in E-flat Major, Op. 27, No. 1

Final Round
Ravel - Jeux d'eau
Rachmaninoff - Etudes-Tableaux in D Minor, Op. 39, No. 8
Franck – Prélude, chorale, et fugue

Mark Cannon is a psychiatrist in private practice in New York City. He began studying piano at the age of 6 with "that little old lady around the corner," who, it turned out, had been a performer of some note in Russia. As an undergraduate at Cornell University,while majoring in chemistry he studied piano with Malcolm Bilson. His principal studies in recent years have been with Seymour Bernstein and Elizabeth Wolff. He has been a finalist in the amateur competitions
in Washington and Colorado and a semifinalist in the Boston competition.

Preliminary Round
Chopin - Mazurka in C-sharp Minor, Op. 30, No. 4
Chopin - Scherzo in E Major, Op. 54

Semifinal Round
Chopin - Mazurka in B-flat Minor, Op. 24, No. 4
Scriabin - Sonata No. 9, Op. 68

Final Round
Chopin - Ballade in F Minor, Op. 52
Beethoven - Sonata in A-flat Major, Op. 110

Andrew Celentano studied violin in grade school through college. As a student, he played in the Lakeland School orchestra, Theater Orchestra, Westchester Youth Symphony Orchestra, and the MIT Orchestra, (at Carnegie Hall). After studying engineering at MIT, he worked at IBM for 15 years in various marketing, sales, management and financial jobs. He then went on to found SkyWorld Interactive, a web/multimedia agency. Mr. Celentano has served as board chairman of the Friends of the Middlesex Fells. He and his wife Hilary have three children.

Preliminary Round
Liszt - Consolation No. 3
Debussy - Claire de Lune
        Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum

Semifinal Round
Chopin – Berceuse, Op. 57
          Etude in C-sharp Minor, Op. 10, No. 12 (Revolutionary)
Ravel - Pavane for a Dead Princess
Chopin - Polonaise in A-flat Major, Op. 53

Final Round
Debussy - Reverie
Chopin - Nocturne in F Minor, Op. 55, No. 1
Debussy - Arabesque No. 1
Beethoven - Sonata in C-sharp Minor, Op.27, No. 2 (Moonlight)

Ricker Choi is currently a Principal Business Analyst at Algorithmics Inc. In 2006 he founded Music Heals, a series of fund-raising concerts for charity organizations such as Oxfam Canada. He holds an MBA, FRM, CFA, and PMP. He is currently studying piano with his long time piano teacher, Boris Zarankin. In 2008, Mr. Choi also started working with Lawrence Pitchko concurrently.

Preliminary Round
Ravel - La Valse

Semifinal Round
Scriabin - Sonata No. 5

Final Round
Beethoven - Bagatelle Op. 126, No. 3
Chopin – Ballade No. 4 in F Minor, Op. 52
Liszt - Mephisto Waltz No. 1

May Chung started her first piano lesson when she was five years old. As a participant in numerous local piano competitions in the San Francisco area, she won first prize in the Bartok Competition in 1990 to 1991 and first prize in the United States Open Music Competition. Ms. Chung holds an advanced certificate diploma and the licentiate diploma for the Royal Schools of Music in London. She participated in IBLA Grand Prize competition in Ragusa, Italy, and was
awarded the accomplished pianist prize. Music has been a very important part in her life in addition to her career as a pharmacist at Kaiser Hospital.

Preliminary Round
John Field - Nocturne No. 6 in F Major, Andante Tranquillo
Ginastera - Danzas Argentinas
   Danza del Viejo boyero
   Danza de la moza donosa
   Danza del gaucho matrero

Semifinal Round
Haydn - Adagio in F Major, Hob XVII/9
Prokofieff - Visions Fugitives, Op. 22, Nos. 10, 11 & 14
Liszt - Sonetto 47 del Petrarcha

Final Round
Chopin - Barcarolle in F-sharp Major, Op. 60
Scarlatti - Sonata in B Minor K377
Kabalevsky - Sonata No. 3 in F Major, Op. 46

Louis Dalaveris was born in Greece and grew up in Pennsylvania, where he studied with several local teachers and participated in a local competiton which allowed him to perform the Beethoven Fifth Piano Concerto with a local orchestra. He attended Columbia University where he majored in Chemistry and minored in German Literature, while studying piano with Niels Ostbye. Mr. Dalaveris attended Johns Hopkins Medical School followed by a residency in
Ophthalmology. He stopped playing the piano during his medical training but started once more when he discovered the Evening Division at Juilliard where he attends the class of Lisa Kovalek. He has participated in numerous recitals at Juilliard and in the summer of 2008 was invited to the Amateur Festival sponsored by Radio France in Paris.

Preliminary Round
Mendelssohn - Variations Serieuses, Op. 54

Semifinal Round
Bartok - Sonata

Final Round
J.S. Bach - Partita No. 1
Liszt – Légendes No. 2, “St François de Paule Marchant sur les Flots”
Chopin – Scherzo No. 3 in C-sharp Minor, Op. 39

Judith Darst holds a degree in Piano Performance from the University of Colorado. She taught and adjudicated as a member of Music Teachers National Association, and performed regularly as a member of the Ladies Musical Club in Seattle. Now living in Bend, Oregon, she has started a piano performance group there. Ms. Darst is the mother of two boys and the grandmother of two girls. She is an accomplished equestrian and avid line dancer.

Preliminary Round
Chopin - Nocturne in B Major, Op 9, No. 3
Etude in A-flat Major, Op. 25, No. 1
Prelude in D Minor, Op. 28, No. 24

Semifinal Round
Mozart - Sonata in C Major, K. 330
Brahms - Intermezzo, Op. 118, No. 2
      Ballade, Op. 118, No. 3

Final Round
Chopin - Mazurkas, Op. 67, Nos. 3 & 4
      Mazurka, Op. 68, No. 2
      Polonaise in C-sharp Minor, Op 26, No. 1
Liszt - Consolation No. 2
      Consolation No. 5
Liszt-Schubert - Soirees de Vienne, No. 6

Thang Dinh is a mechanical engineer from Gainesville, Florida. He designs energy efficient air conditioning and dehumidification systems for hotels, museums, hospitals, universities, and industrial factories in southeast Asian countries and Australia. He started studying piano with his father at age 11. In 1982, Thang Dinh came to the United States and continued his piano study under Bernice Maskin’s guidance.

Preliminary Round
Chopin - Polonaise in G-sharp Minor, Op. posth.
Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6

Semifinal Round
Bach-Busoni - Chaconne in D minor

Final Round
Chopin - Waltz in C-sharp Minor, Op. 64, No. 2
Etude in E Major, Op. 10, No. 3
Liszt - Transcendental Etude No. 10 in F Minor
    Liebestraume No. 3
Chopin - Scherzo No. 1 in B Minor, Op. 20

Chloeann Estrera, originally from Richmond, Virginia, is currently living in Boston where she works as an internal medicine physician at Tufts Medical Center. Her hobbies and interests include classical and jazz music, poetry, reading fiction, playing with her cat, and planning her wedding (which took place in June 2009).

Preliminary Round
Chopin - Impromptu No. 1 in A-flat Major, Op. 29
J.S. Bach - Partita No. 3 in A Minor, BWV 827:
    Fantasia, Allemande, and Corrente

Semifinal Round
Chopin - Etude in E Major, Op. 10, No. 3
Beethoven - Sonata in F-sharp Major, Op. 78, 1st m.

Final Round
Chopin - Ballade No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 23
Billy Strayhorn – Valse
Brahms - Drei Intermezzi, Op. 117
Chopin – Fantaisie-Impromptu No. 4 in C-sharp Minor, Op. 66

Milton Farbsein started playing the piano at the age of four, after hearing Liberace perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. His strong desire to explore many interests led to a career in the clinical sciences, and he is currently employed at a small hospital in Vermont. At the 2001 competition in Boston, he met fellow competitor Suzanne Fremon, and they were subsequently
married and now live in upstate New York. Much of his free time is now spent remodeling and
“shoring up” their old house, but after two years off, he is returning to modest practicing, and hopes in fall to also be out in the woods hunting and fly fishing.

Preliminary Round
Chopin – Berceuse, Op. 57
Ballade No. 4 in F minor, Op. 52

Semifinal Round
Stravinsky - Three Movements from Petrouchka
   Danse russe
   Chez Petrouchka
   La semaine grasse

Final Round
Prokofieff - Sonata No. 8, Op. 84
   Andante dolce
   Andante sognando

Damira Feldman served four years as a piano teacher at the Music School and the Kazan State Institute of  Arts and Culture in Kazan, Russia. For several years she was a manager at various companies in Israel. Since 2001, she has worked as an office manager at the Aftak Corporation.

Preliminary Round
Schubert - Waltz in A-flat Major, Op. 9a, D. 365
Villa-Lobos – “Impressoes Seresteiras” from Ciclo Brasileiro
Rachmaninoff - Prelude in G Minor, Op. 23, No. 5

Semifinal Round
Bach-Busoni – Chaconne

Final Round
Franck - Prelude, Fugue and Variations, Op. 18
Chopin - Waltz in A-flat Major, Op. 34, No. 1, “Grande Brillante”
Bach-Busoni - Chaconne

Suzanne Fremon graduated from Julliard, but was always attracted to additional areas of endeavor where it turned out to be easier to earn a living. She has worked as a free-lance writer, addiction therapist,computer programmer/analyst and for the last few years in the world of childbirth. This work includes training prospective parents in hypnosis & deep relaxation
techniques, which contributes greatly to comfortable childbirth experiences. Drawing on her piano teaching experience, she has written a manual for adult beginners, called Harder Than it Looks. She is married to Milton Farbstein, a fellow pianist whom she met at the 2001 Boston competition.

Preliminary Round
Schumann – from Fantasiestücke, Op. 12
   In der Nacht

Semifinal Round
Ravel – from Le Tombeau de Couperin

Final Round
Beethoven – Sonata in A-flat Major, Op 26
Prokofieff – Toccata

Gala Gurinovich is an esteemed piano recitalist in the Washington area who frequently collaborates with instrumentalists and vocalists. She performs at the US State Department, embassies, the Strathmore Hall, and collaborates with the Russian Chamber Art Society. She received her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at Shabalin Musical College in Omsk,
Siberia. Studying under Alexander Volkov, Gurinovich attained her Master of Music degree from the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel Aviv, Israel, with “High Honor”. In 2007, Ms. Gurinovich was awarded third place in the Washington International Piano Competition, also receiving the Audience Award.

Preliminary Round
Mozart - Sonata in B-flat Major, K. 570

Semifinal Round
Bach - Chromatic Fantasy in D minor,  BWV 903
Rubinstein - “Lezginka”, from the opera “Demon”

Final Round
Rachmaninoff - Prelude in C-sharp Minor, Op. 3, No. 2
Prelude in G-sharp Minor, Op. 32, No. 12
Scriabin – Preludes, Op. 11, Nos. 4, 5, 10 & 14
    Etudes, Op. 8, Nos. 2 & 5
Chopin-Liszt – from Polish Melodies
    My Joys
    The Ring