Rules and Regulations

Longy School of Music, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

These rules and regulations shall be in effect for all Competitions until amended.

1. Eligibility

The BPAA Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities above the age of 30 as of the first day of the competition (first day of the preliminaries). 
To be eligible, applicants must not derive their principal source of income from public performances or piano teaching.

2. Prizes

There will be cash prizes as follows:

Grand Prize: The Grand Prize, shall consist of a cash prize of $1,000 and a fully managed recital concert in Boston. Arrangements for the concert date will be made between the winner and BPAA’s Competition Director. 

Cash Awards: 
2nd Prize: $ 500 
3rd Prize:  $ 250 
4th Prize:  $ 125 
5th Prize:  $ 100 
Best Performance Awards: Additional prizes of $100 will be awarded for the best performance of a baroque/classical, romantic and modern work. 
Audience Award: An audience prize of $100 selected by ballot will also be awarded. 
Best programming Award: This prize of $100 will be awarded to the contestant presenting the most imaginative programming. 

The jury reserves the right to withhold an award in any category, except the Audience Award. In the event of a tie, prizes will be divided equally.

3. Application

Applications to the Competition must be postmarked no later than the application deadline, May 1, 2015, and received by the BPAA office no later than 10 business days after the application deadline (see details of application fees below).  

Any application not including all of the required enclosures will be considered invalid. The contestant will be informed and given the chance to resubmit an application.

The BPAA Competition Director reserves the right to request additional information from applicants. 

Applicants must fill out the on-line Application Form and submit electronically, or a photocopy thereof can be sent via mail, along with the application fee and all necessary documentation and materials, to:

Boston Piano Amateurs Association
Robert Finley, Piano Competition Director
25 Tomahawk Drive
Northborough, Massachusetts 01532 

It is strongly suggested, but not required, that Applicants submitting via mail submit the written documentation as a softcopy by email as attachments generated by a word processing program. The applicant’s name should be indicated on each page. (Alternatively, a CD containing the computer files can be sent via regular mail.) Electronic submission of the documentation will help avoid transcription errors. The email should be sent to:

Upon receipt of the email, a response e-mail will acknowledge receipt and readability of the supplied documents. Note that the Application will not be considered complete and processed until all Application materials and the Application Fee have been received.

4. Required Application Documents and Materials

The following documents and materials should be sent with the Application Form. When submitting documents, applicants should send copies, as no documents or materials will be returned.

1. A bank draft or international money order in the amount of two hundred and twenty U.S. dollars ($220.00) if paid by April 1, 2015, or one two hundred and fifty-five U.S. dollars ($255.00) if paid by May 1, 2015. Alternatively, a check can be used, made out to "Boston Piano Amateurs," or payment can be submitted via Paypal. The application fee is not refundable. 

2. One (1) digital photo of the applicant, head and shoulder, suitable for publication in the competition program, website and/or for publicity purposes, submitted via the online application form or separately.  Please ensure the photo has been cropped correctly, is of sufficiently high resolution, and is in black and white. One (1) glossy black and white photograph of the applicant, head and shoulder, no smaller than 3 X 5 inches, may be substituted. 

3. A digital copy of the applicant’s biography, submitted via the online application form, or in a common text format such as e-mail, MS Word or rtf, consisting of no more than 100 words, suitable for publication in the competition program, website and/or for publicity purposes. Please ensure the text has been checked for spelling and grammatical correctness. A typewritten copy of the biography may be substituted. 

4. One audition CD, DVD or cassette tape (CD or DVD preferred) recorded after January 1st, 2014 featuring at least 10 minutes of repertoire of your choice. Works chosen should display two or more contrasting styles and technical ability. Live or professional studio recordings are not required. Audition material can also be submitted via upload to your own site on YouTube and a link provided in the application materials. Note: If the applicant has competed in a previous BPAA Competition then we already have a suitable audition and a new one need not be submitted. 

5. A copy of a driver’s license, birth certificate or passport which states applicant's age. 

6. A digital copy of the list of repertoire for all competition phases, submitted via the online application form or separately, which identifies: 

  • the composer’s first and last name, 
  • the exact title and movement (if applicable) of each work (including opus
 number or equivalent), 
  • the exact length of each work when performed by the applicant. 

A typewritten copy of the repertoire list may be substituted.

Please note: Total timings of all programs must be inclusive of applause and pauses between pieces.

5. Competition Stages

The Competition will have 3 stages: the preliminary round, the semi-final, and the finals. 

A maximum of 50 pianists will be admitted to the preliminary round. 

No more than 14 contestants will proceed to the semi-finals. 

No more than 5 semi-finalists will be chosen for the final round. 

The schedule of the performances of the contestants at the different stages will be at the discretion of the organizational committee. 

All performances in all 3 stages are open to the general public. 

The decisions of the jury are final.

6. Repertoire requirements

The program performed may not exceed certain time limits:

Preliminary round: 15 minutes 
Semi-finals: 15 minutes 
Finals: 30 minutes 

Note: Total timings of all programs must be inclusive of applause and pauses between pieces. 

The contestant may choose to play one or more pieces during each round. 

The works prepared for the Competition do not need to be performed from memory.

No works may be repeated in subsequent rounds. 

The list of works to be performed by the contestant is entirely composed of the applicant’s own choice of works. It is recommended that the contestant present a balanced repertoire, reflecting a variety of musical styles, periods, and composers. Contestants should perform classical piano music from several different genres and periods such as baroque, classical, romantic, impressionist, modern or contemporary. 

Separate movements of larger works will be accepted but must be performed in their entirety.

If a contestant will perform a work by a less well known composer, and in particular, a contemporary work, they must provide 5 copies of the score for the jury. 

7. Performance Rights

All contestants give up the rights to their performances during the competition to the Boston Piano Amateurs Association, Inc., who reserve the right to make it available on CD, DVD, YouTube, or other digital media without compensation, or as part of BPAA publicity in the media.

8. Dormitory Accommodations

There will be a limited number of dormitory accommodation at nearby Lesley University, about 10 minutes walk from the Longy School of Music, during the Boston International Piano Competition. Please click on the Housing link on the upper right for more information.