The Boston Piano Amateurs Association (BPA) is a tax-exempt non-profit organization which was founded in 2001 with the following vision for the future:

• To interest and educate the public in classical music and piano playing

• To provide performance opportunities, masterclasses and workshops for adult
  amateur pianists of all levels, to help improve their playing

• To promote Boston as a center for amateur pianistic excellence, and enrich the
  cultural life of this city

• To offer piano competitions for outstanding amateurs on a bi-annual basis

    The Boston International Piano Association
announces the

Eighth Boston International Piano Competition

June 10-14, 2015

Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall
Longy School of Music
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Opening Reception -  Wednesday evening, June 10
Preliminaries - Thursday and Friday, June 11 and 12
Semifinals - Saturday June 13
Finals - Sunday June 14

Information may be found here.

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